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by Embrace Country Life on 11/10/13

The day was Saturday November 9th 2013.  Just a week before I realized I could not ride Lizzy, our 27 year old pony anymore because she was too old for the type of work I was putting her through (jumping, cantering, galloping etc.) So I went looking online for a new horse that I could ride and do all of these things with. After a couple days I found Flash.  Flash was being sold with many other horses on craigslist. I told my father that we should look at him and he told me to call the owner. And, that I did.  After about 30 minutes we had made an appointment that day to go up and ride Flash.  When we got there the owner, Lisa, showed us a variety of horses we could buy. But none of them could compete with Flash.  For example, we wanted an English riding horse; most of the horses she showed us were western. Also we wanted a tall horse so jumping would be easy and I would most likely not outgrow it. The tallest horse besides Flash was grey and grey horses tend to get cancer.  After we brush, tacked, and rode Flash we realized that he was amazing! He rode both English and Western, jumped, did a little barrels and would canter starting from a walk! After the day we told the owner that we would think about it and get back to her later in the week.

            The next two days I realized that I really wanted Flash.  I told my dad and he called her.  Apparently, someone came that morning and trailered him 40 minutes to an indoor arena then rode him and brought him back.  But the good news was that we were going to pick up Flash Saturday at 9:00! I was so happy! After the news I couldn’t wait for Saturday!

            Friday night, we got his stall ready and hooked up the trailer.  But what we didn’t get ready was his name.  The owner said that he went to summer camp and the campers named him “Taz” But I didn’t quite like that name.  As I was looking at his stall-to-be I realized that it had a sign on it saying “Black ~ Sugar ~ Flash”. I then realized that “Black” meant that he was a black horse and “Sugar” would represent white or the white he has on him and “Flash” would represent how fast he is! Then I decided that Flash was a cool name and so did my sister, Alicia.

            Saturday morning I woke up at 5 because I was so excited! But then I couldn’t go back to sleep so I played some games on my iPod then the iPad until I finally fell asleep at 5:30. Waking up at 7, I rushed downstairs, quickly ate, got dressed, grabbed my tea and went into the truck along with my dad and sister, Alicia.  After a 1hr 15min drive we finally arrived and put Flash in the trailer.  After all the paperwork and questions we finally headed back into the truck and drove home with a new friend.

            Arriving home and getting Flash out, our other three horses were flipping out.  Flash did very good in walking right down to his stall.  Later that day, Alicia introduced Flash with our other gelding, Patches, and they instantly became best buds.

            The next day we decided to open the top door so he could see the other horses too. But when we came back to check on him his stall door was spit in half and he was casually eating in the pasture.  Sassy, the queen of the barn does not like Flash very much and has tried to kick and bite him while making very strange donkey-like noises.

            Flash has been home for two days now and he’s doing very well! My dad fixed his stall door and he now hangs out with Patches all the time!  I will keep you updated on his progress!

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1. Jayne said on 11/10/13 - 07:18PM
So excited for you may you have many fun days with flash my daughter who is 12 just got her first horse. His name is Tornado.
2. Pat Gilbert said on 11/11/13 - 07:28AM
It was very interesting to read this! I think you are in for a wonderful experience with you new horse. What a beauty!

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