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Flash (3 weeks later) by Sarah

by Embrace Country Life on 12/01/13

Flash (After 3 Weeks)

When we got Flash we noticed that he was skinny. We had the vet check him out and she said that he needed to be fed extra feed and hay.  Since then we have noticed him start to fill in his withers and hips. The vet also told us to keep working with him (so he doesn’t get just fat, muscular too) so I’ve been jumping him with my sister Alicia (with her riding Sassy).  Just yesterday I introduced him to the part of our land that wraps around our house (behind the pool), he was scared at first but after a couple runs through it, he now sees the path as “just another route.” Flash is amazing with both his health and training. I will keep you updated!

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Sarah jumping Flash on a cool Winter day.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our farm to you!
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