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End of an Era by Cliff

by Embrace Country Life on 10/15/13

An end of an Era.  November 1999, I purchased a used Yamaha G2 gas golf cart.  The reasoning behind this purchase?  The Spring of 1999 Alicia turned one year old.  Debbie mentioned that she would like to take Alicia to explore the pond in the lower field.  However, it was quite the walk with a one year old child.  Thus, my buddy Rusty and I went to Tire-Land-USA and purchased a used golf cart.  We brought it to my garage and cleaned it all up.  I bought rubbing compound and we polished it until it looked new.  Debbie was pleasantly surprised when she received the golf cart as a Christmas gift.  Since then that golf cart was used non stop. 

Over the years, all three of our girls learned to drive on that golf cart.  It was used, abused and used some more.  It has been stuck in mud, smashed into trees and the side of the garage.  It hauled Barbies, hay bales, fishing equipment for the pond, feed bags, and firewood.  It was even used to carry our trash cans and recycle bins down our 3/10 mile driveway.  It carried our girls and their friends all over the fields.  They drove it for hours on end.  It was always a hit with visitors as they all wanted to ride in and drive the golf cart. 

All of this use took a toll on the engine.  Eventually, I had the engine rebuilt.  However, in 2011 the engine tired out again.  By then we had purchased a Kawasaki Mule to aid with the farm work.  Thus, the out of commission golf cart was not missed.  It literally stayed put for two years.  That is until this past weekend.  I pulled it out, pumped up a couple of the tires, cleaned it up and took some pics.  We put it on Craigslist late last night at 7pm and within a half hour we had four phone calls.  A gentleman from Elmira showed up at 10pm with a trailer and cash in hand.   

With the glow of the exterior house lights shining on the golf cart we watched it leave Mountain Breeze Acres after almost 14 years of memories....


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1. Judy said on 11/11/13 - 06:34AM
I love reading your stories of life in the country. I grew up in the country and now I live in the suburbs. I miss that way of life.

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