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Spring Chicks by Julia

by Embrace Country Life on 04/04/15

Two weeks ago my dad and sister, Alicia brought home 15 chicks.  They were cute!  Macey, our new puppy was trying to be their mother.  She was always looking into the tote to make sure they were all there.  She would put her paws on their tote and all the chicks ran to the other side.  I think she just wanted to play with them but they didn't know that.  We like to take them out and put them in the Barbie horse stable to play with them.  

Some of their names are Bubblegum, Fierce, Candy, Oreo, and Piper.  We named one after our cousin, Toni.  She came to visit us the weekend we got them.  Toni Chick has black hair like Toni and she likes to chillax like Toni!!

When they started getting feathers, we moved them outside to the barn.  They are in our old rabbit hutch.  First we had two lights to keep them warm but they didn't like two, so then Dad changed it to one light.  They are getting big now!  When they get big enough, we will move them to the chicken coop.  When it is summertime, we will let them run free in our yard with the big chickens.  

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1. Henry said on 4/4/15 - 07:03PM
Thank you for posting about your new chicks. I like reading about country kids. I also bought new chicks this year. I did not name mine. Please keep me informed on how your chickens are doing.
2. Henrietta said on 6/8/15 - 08:01PM
I love baby ducks

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