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Galloping Through the Snowy Fields by Alicia

by Embrace Country Life on 01/29/14

Every night for the past week, I have ridden my horse Sassy around the perimeter of our property.  With the extremely cold temperatures, due to the Polar Vortex, I have to make sure that Sassy doesn't sweat or catches a cold. With Sassy's winter coat and my Carhartt coat, snow pants, boots, gloves, face mask, and hat, we are prepared for the snow.  I like riding bareback better than riding with a saddle so I only put her bridle on.  We start out by walking to some trees by our house and cantering around them like barrels.  After, we walk to our pond in the center of our property.   My favorite part is when we gallop up to the barn at full speed.  Sassy loves galloping and needs little encouragement from me to gallop.

Yesterday, as we were nearing the barn, I dropped the reins and lifted my arms so they were parallel to the snow covered ground.  The feeling was invigorating.  I trusted her to keep going and not do something to get me thrown off.  Sassy slowly came to a stop in front of the barn and I gave her a couple of treats and hugged her neck. 
Today, I let go of the reins before we started cantering up to the barn and she was equally as good.  I am so lucky to have Sassy even on the days when she lives up to her name. 

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1. Kate Handy said on 1/29/14 - 06:02PM
Loved reading this! Let go and let God! Let go and let Sassy! Glad you're finding some fun in the freezing cold! Xoxo

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