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Crystal Escaping With Her Life by Julia

by Embrace Country Life on 11/08/15

My cat, Crystal was acting very strange.  She was hiding in my closet.  I just knew something was up.  She wasn't acting herself like the playful cat she was so I went to Alicia, aka house vet and I told her I thought something was wrong.  Alicia checked her for ticks and thought that Crystal would be OK.  Then, my mom came into my room and asked me what was wrong. Alicia told her that everything was fine but I told her that Crystal wasn't acting herself.  My mom agreed.  She thought she was meowing weird.  We brought her to the scrapbooking room with a pillow so she could sleep in peace without Macey bothering her.  We gave her cat food and water.  She was eating and drinking fine and even used the litter box.  My mom noticed a lump on her back but I told her it was normal.  Come to find out, it wasn't normal at all!

The next day, Alicia went to check on Crystal in the basement.  When she started to pet her, white puss came out of her back.  I never saw it but my sister said it was really gross.  My mom called Dr. Tillotson and made an appointment for the next day.  I didn't go because I don't like to see shots going into my cat and I thought there might be shots.  When my mom and dad got home, they told me that Crystal got bitten by a wild animal.  I think it was a fox because we've been seeing a fox around the house at night.  Some of my family think it was a coyote because we've been hearing them at night.  
Crystal had to stay overnight at Dr. Tillotson's.  I was sad because I missed my kitty cat.  The next day when she came home, she looked scary.  Her back was shaved and it had blood spots on it.  It was nasty!  She started acting like her old self again which was excellent.  I gave her good canned cat food every day and fresh water.  She also had her regular cat food.  We left her cat carrier in the basement which had a nice blanket in it so she could sleep on it.  
Every day she acted more like herself.  It's been a week now and even though she still looks scary, I love her.  

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1. M rs. G said on 11/10/15 - 06:41PM
I am so glad that Crystal is doing better but I am sorry she had such a terrifying experience. I know that with the TLC of Dr. Tillotson and you and your sisters and Mom and Dad she will have a full recovery! Soon she will be in purrfect health!

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