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Christmas Day 2015 by Cliff

by Embrace Country Life on 12/25/15

So today is Christmas Day!  We arose at 7am to see what Santa Claus brought us.  As we descended down the stairs we noticed the stockings that hung on the banister were full of treats for the animals at Mountain Breeze Acres.  Apples for the horses, special grain for the sheep and chickens, toys and treats for the cats and dog.  Macey (our dog) was going crazy over her stocking.  She obviously smelled something delicious.  We then headed into the sitting room by the fireplace where we found our stockings hanging on the mantel full of surprises.  As with the Kasson family household tradition, we all dump out the items from our stockings onto the floor for a "show and tell".  Julia was happy to get lip balm, Sarah liked the candle and gum, Alicia was glad to get bug spray and sunscreen (for her trip to the Dominican Republic to help build a church), while Deb and Cliff enjoyed the little wool Christmas ornaments that were made from Rosie's wool (sheep on our hobby farm).  We then turned our attention to the living room to find the floor around the Christmas tree littered with gifts.  The girls sat on the floor opening gifts while Deb and I sat on the sofa watching the expressions on their faces and taking pictures and video. 

As with most families the rest of the day was spent talking to family on the phone, texting others with Merry Christmas wishes and spending time with all of the new gifts (batteries, reading directions, trying on clothes) and eating holiday treats. 

I spent some time updating the Embrace Country Life website while Debbie prepared a delicious spiral ham lunch/dinner with spaetzle, yams, carrots and salad.  Yum yum! 

Of course we can't forget about the animals in the barn.  We made our way outside leaving our Carhartt coats on the hooks in the mudroom.  We only needed to wear  long sleeve shirts (high 60's today!!).  After feeding all of the animals and gathering a baker dozen of eggs we finished taking the firewood (from the choke cherry tree that I cut down a couple of weeks ago) to the wood shed.  What a beautiful day to be outside.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family to share my lifetime dream of living on a hobby farm.  My children embrace all aspects of country living...this brings joy to my heart. 

At Christmas Eve Mass I said special prayers of thanks and dedicated prayers to family members and especially those who are not with us anymore including my parents and both sets of grandparents whose country lifestyles influenced me greatly. 

What a great Christmas day!  While outside, I always take some time look around and appreciate the wonderful world that we live in.

I am thankful for Jesus and all the blessings God brings to us.  Merry Christmas!

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​Sarah and Julia with "LIzzy" at our hobby farm, Mountain Breeze Acres.
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