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Dedicated to the promotion of local farms in the southern tier of NY.
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EmbraceCountryLife.com was founded in August of 2011.  The site's focus hinges on local farming in the Southern Tier of New York State.  I was influenced by dairy farming while growing up in the area.  Both sets of my grandparents owned dairy farms.  One resided in Montrose, PA and the other in Ulster, PA.  I value the memories of quality time spent with my grandparents and uncles on both farms.  I spent summers working on the farms enjoying every minute of the relationships with family while working with the animals, infrastructure, machinery and land.

Once out of college into my career and married, my wife and I decided to purchase a 20 acre hobby farm.  Three children and 18 years later, we enjoy family time working on the hobby farm taking care of the horses, goat, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dog.  Our family also enjoys gardening, baling hay and maintaining and improving the infrastructure, machinery and land.  

This life time interest in farming has led me to seek and support local farms and farm products over the years.  The goal of EmbraceCountryLife.com is to establish a complete directory of local farms and related endeavors for the Greater Binghamton, NY area.

Please patronize the farms and farm related businesses on this site.  As reported in the Press & Sun Bulletin on Nov. 20, 2011, a new U.S. Department of Agriculture report says sales of "local foods," whether sold direct to consumers at farmer's markets of through intermediaries, amounted to $4.8 billion in 2008.  The department predicts locally grown foods will generate $7 billion in sales this year.  Simply put, money spent in our area, stays in our area.  

If you are aware of or come across other farms not listed on this site, please contact us so we can list the establishment on EmbraceCountryLife.com.  If your business is on this site and you would like to add more information or a video link, please let us know.  We also can create a website for your business and link it to our site.  "Like" us on Facebook where you can share your experiences visiting the farms in the area.

Note: EmbraceCounryLife.com and those associated with the site are not responsible for inaccurate information or the implicatons associated with the information presented on the site.  If you notice inaccurate information pertaining to the site, please contact us so we can make the corrections.  In regards to health/diet/cleaning solutions presented on this site, please consult a physiciation prior to engagement or use of these products or suggestions.  All information presented is done so in good faith for the sole purpose of promoting local farms and related businesses.  

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