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Dedicated to the promotion of local farms in the southern tier of NY.
Beardsley's Pick-A-Chick
107 Carigan Road
Whitney Point, NY 13862
(607) 692-7094
We sell brown eggs and day old chicks.  We also sell rabbits.  We strive to sell fresh and wholesome poducts to our customers who are looking for healthy and nutritious food products in our area.
LMB Farms
175 Knapp Road
Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 729-2015
Our pheasants, peacocks, geese and chickens are available for you to view and purchase.  See our many rare breeds on the farm.  We also sell goose and chicken eggs.  Please call for an appointment.
The Crowing Rooster
1714 NYS Route 79
Windsor, NY 13865
(607) 725-2623
Fresh vegetables, pastured poultry and eggs, cut flowers, handmade crafts.
Twin Oaks Farm
144 Hunt Hill Road
Port Crane, NY 13833
(607) 427-8825
email: twinoaksfarm@frontiernet.com
We have pastured poultry, naturally raised beef, natural eggs available for puchase.
Cross Creek Farm
769 Ford Hill Road
Berkshire, NY 13736
(607) 657-8251

We have 100 egg laying chickens.  We also raise free range Cornish Cross meat chickens (3-5 lbs frozen).  Our Rabbits are sold whole and frozen (3-4 lbs).  We also make and sell our own apple, pear, kiwi, blueberry, cherry and berry cherry butter.  The apples and pears come  from Cornell Orchards.  We also sell a large variety of herbs that we grow on our farm.  
Fourth Wright Farm
171 Zevan Road
Johnson City, NY 13790
(607) 729-1869

We have farm fresh eggs available daily!
Kingbird Farm
9398 West Creek Road
Berkshire, NY 13736
(607) 657-2860
Kingbird Farm offers a wide range of poultry raised free-range on pasture and fed high quality certified organic feeds.  Our laying hens are bred, born, and raised on our farm and introduced to pasture as soon as weather permits. We currently have a flock of 300 Black Australorps with 20 roosters. We sell brown eggs.  We also have meat poultry; broiler chickens, turkeys and ducks.
Sunny Hill Farm
4007 NYS Rt 26
Whitney Point, NY 13862
(607) 692-7911
A family run business.  We sell produce, culinary and medical herbs, eggs, fresh bread and baked goods, even homemade soaps & skin care products.  A great visit for kids.
Laughing Crow Farm  
900 Nanticoke Rd  
Maine, NY 13802  
(607) 862-3900  
e-mail:      laughingcrowfarm@aol.com
Pasture poultry fed 100% organic feed. Poultry and grass-fed lamb available on farm or at the Vestal Farmers' Market.
HoneyEgg Organic Farm
Rick and LeeAnn Gunderman
589 Walker Road
Endicott, NY 13760
(607) 239-5564
Organic freerange chickens available.  Vacuumed packed with all necessary labels.  Average size is 4.5 lbs.  We also sell eggs.
Country Blooms & Things
123 Joyner Road
Glen Aubrey, NY 13777
(607) 692-7106
We sell brown eggs, annuals and sunflowers.
The Farm at Nanticoke Creek 
Borrowed Freedom Equine Therapies Inc.
PO Box 5902
Endicott, NY 13760
(607) 658-3298
Our small farm has been managed organically for a decade.  We sell chicken and duck eggs, culinary herbs, homemade soap, wreaths and farm/equine art.
Wild Rose Farm
457 Guiles Road
Owego, NY 13827
We sell fresh free range brown eggs.  We have certified organic poultry chickens and turkeys.  Turkeys are raised to order.  
Heritage Pastures
2343 Stanton Hill Road
Nichols, NY 13812
(607) 687-3459
Our pasture fed chickens and turkeys are raised on certified organic grain.  We sell eggs, broiler chickens, stew hens and turkeys for Thanksgiving.  We also sell pork.
Nappy Farms
1241 East Main Road
Johnson City, NY 13790
(607) 862-3647
Freerange eggs available year round.  We also sell all types of maple products.
Mountain Top Farm
471 Dugan Road
Owego, NY 13827
(607) 785-8142
Broiler chickens available June - August.  We also have lambs and goats.
Gorman Farm
Kevin Gorman
256 Gorman Road
Kirkwood, NY 13795
(607) 222-6622
We sell eggs and chickens. 
We also sell beef and goats.
We also sell fresh fruits and vegetables.
Hilltop Daisy Farm
Catherine Horn
445 Hemlock Hill Road
Whitney Point, NY 13862
(607) 760-7702
​Hilltop Daisy sells brown eggs from their free range hens.  We also sell their own wild flower honey and seasonal produce grown bio-intensively using sustainable methods in harmony with nature.
Windwood Hill Farm
3206 Booth Road
Hallstead, PA 18822
(670) 278-2160
email: info@windwoodhillfarm.com
Windwood Hill Farm is a family owned and operated agricultural enterprise committed to producing highly nutritional products using sustainable, synergistic, and environmentally friendly production models.  We sell Pastured Hen Eggs.
Cascun Farm
2378 State Hwy 206
Greene, NY 13778
(607) 875-4149
We raise and process chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys right here at our farm.  We also sell eggs, lambs, rabbits and meat goats.  We are a USDA certified meat processing facility.  We process your animals and ours.  
Details at www.cascunfarm.com
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