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Dedicated to the promotion of local farms in the southern tier of NY.
Romberger's Farm
4071 Riverside Drive
Sayre, PA 18840
(570) 888-9295
Cell (607) 425-2821          
Our own grain fed pork, sausage, bacon and ham.  We also sell Beef, Potatoes and other seasonal produce.  All meet sold per pound.

Family Owned and Operated since 1981
Located 3 miles North of Sayre, PA 18840  
McRey Farm  
3599 Rte 26  
Glen Aubrey, NY 13777  
(607) 862-3599  

Pastured pork and grass-fed lamb and beef available at the Binghamton and Whitney Point Farmers' Markets or at the farm. 
Steve & Ann Supa  
62 Harrington Rd  
Johnson City, NY 13790  
(607) 786-9796  

Grass-fed market lambs and hogs available
Engelbert Farms
182 Sunnyside Road
Nichols, NY 13812
(607) 699-3775

A family farm since 1848
Organic Farm Store - open all year
Cheese, Cheese Spreads and Butter
Farm raised Beef, Pork, Veal and Vegetables
Thur & Fri 10am - 2pm, Sat 10am - 3pm
Certified Oganic Farm.

Kingbird Farm
9398 West Creek Road
Berkshire, NY 13736
(607) 657-2860
​On Kingbird Farm our pigs are raised free-range on pasture in the summer and in deep-bedded outdoor pens in the winter. They are fed exclusively certified organic grains and alfalfa hay and graze on certified organic pastures.  We have a breeding herd of 5 Tamworth Sows. We sell piglets and raise the rest up for quality organic pork.

Austin Blinn's Pork Sales
88 Blinn Road  
Candor, NY 13743
email: ablinn1994@gmail.com
(607) 621-0923

I buy and sell bull claves and sell butcher sized steers. I will deliver to most butcher shops of your choice. I also sell butcher pigs. Butchered, cut, and vacuum sealed.  Please contact me for prices and any other info.
Heritage Pastures
2343 Stanton Hill Road
Nichols, NY 13812
​(607) 687-3459
Certified organic grain and pasture fed pork available.  We also have eggs, broiler chickens, stew hens and turkeys.
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