Welcome to Embrace Country Life.  
Dedicated to the promotion of local farms in the southern tier of NY.
Marz Farm
3624 Wilson Creek Road
Berkshire NY 13736 
(607) 657-8534
We currently harvest and sell organic hay, free range eggs, pasture pork, and organic/GAP certified vegetables. Watch for our coming CSA and local frozen organic vegetable products.
Engelbert Farms
182 Sunnyside Road
Nichols, NY 13812
(607) 699-3775
A family farm since 1848
Organic Farm Store - open all year
Cheese, Cheese Spreads and Butter
Farm raised Beef, Pork, Veal and Vegetables.
Open Friday and Saturday 10am - 3pm.
​Certified Oganic Farm.
Lucky Dog Farm 
35796 State Highway 10 (Main St.)
Hamden, NY 13782
(607) 746-8383
​Lucky Dog Farm is a NOFA-NY Certified Organic farm located in Hamden, NY, in the valley that the Delaware River cuts through the Catskill Mountains.  In any given year we’ll have 45 to 50 acres actively cultivated in organic vegetables with the remainder in a cover crop used to enrich our farm-made compost.  Visit our website farm and farm store.
Kingbird Farm
9398 West Creek Road
Berkshire, NY 13736
(607) 657-2860
We raise and offer certified organic meat including chicken, duck, turkey, pork and beef.  We sell certified organic animal feed.  We also raise and offer certified organic cooking herbs, onions, garlic, shallots, pototoes and other vegetables. All field work is completed by Fjord and Haflinger work horses.
Evan's Farmhouse 
State Highway 23
Norwich, NY
(607) 334-5339
The Evan's family signature farm product is their certified organic, vat pasteurized, creamline (non-homogenized) milk, produced by their herd of pasture-raised Holstein cattle. The richer, creamier all-natural milk produced by Evans' Jersey cows is used to make organic European-style yogurt, which comes in a variety of delicious flavors. Besides organic milk and yogurt, there are butter, cheeses, grains and meats.
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