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Butcher Shops
Dotti-Lou Meats

RR1 Box 15
Stevensville, PA 18845
(570) 746-1987
Full service meat market and packing co.

​Killing of beef, veal & pork - cut to order, freezer meats, curing & smoking, homemade sausage & cold cuts

Cudlin's Market
8 Cox Road
Newfield, NY 14867
Full service meat market and packing co.

We kill and cut to order.  We can get you the meats you want.  

We have a variety of meats for sale in our market.  
Bruces Poultry Processing
966 Hullet Road 
Athens PA 18810
(570) 888-1615
Professional poultry processing service. 
Grab Bros. Slaughter House
149 Langford Creek Road
Van Etten, NY 14889
(607) 589-6844 or (607) 589-6312
Meat Processing.  Slaughtering & Processing of Beef, Hogs, Sheep & Goats.
Meat smoking & Sausage Making.  summer Sausage, Slim Jim, Jerky, Bologna & Hot Dogs Available.  Since 1972
Reed Brook
Custom Meat Processing
1385 Ellis Creek Road
Waverly, NY 14892
(607) 565-9630
Custom meat processing for pork, beef and venison.  Smoke house and special recipes!

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Cascun Farm
2378 State Hwy 206
Greene, NY 13778
(607) 875-4149
We raise and process chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys right here at our farm. We also sell eggs, lambs, rabbits and meat goats. We are a USDA certified meat processing facility. We process your animals and ours.  
Details at www.cascunfarm.com
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